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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. PurplePassionLady
Member since: 02/12/12
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Female Her: Straight
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She: 55   5'1   145
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10 days ago
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30 to 68
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    A Whole LOT More Passion and Twice as much FUN as a Barrel Full of Monkeys!!

    Short Tag Line:
    A Whole LOT More Passion and Twice as much FUN as a Barrel Full of Monkeys!!

    I/We are looking for
    Love, Love, LOVE!!!
    I am Looking for FUN, Orgasms, Orgasmic Fun, and then, if there is time, perhaps a few more Orgasms -- Just for Fun!!

    I am SO Happy and Excited to say that Over the Past Two Years we've enjoyed Lots of Amazingly Wonderful Parties and now we are Looking Forward to LOTS More!!

    Describe Yourself:
    The basic stats: I am Fifty Four but people tend to believe that I look a bit Younger!! 5'1", brown eyes, brown hair, (Although -- Currently I have Lots of Purple, Turquoise, and Fuschia Hair braided into my own!!) I have super pale skin and more than a few freckles -- Definitely some extra padding but not a lot -- My weight, as stated above, is right on target!!! Really!!

    You will also discover that I am one of those "Truth in Advertising" kind of girls... Absolutely NO hidden agendas, What You See is Exactly What You Get!! I am SO Privileged to be able to Live Entirely Authentically ALL of the Time!!

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    Sorta kinda New to this scene -- Along with being re-transplanted to the area!! I moved to Oakland from the Sierras just a few years ago!! Anyway -- I've attended more than a few parties in the Bay Area over the past few years and have been privileged to meet LOTS of Awesome and Fun People!! But -- I am GREEDY!! So, am Definitely Not looking to stick with just parties!! I Totally Enjoy One on One and One on More Encounters as well!!

    PLEASE Note the Following:

    I will NOT agree to exchange personal contact information with YOU Until We have met in Person at a Public Venue or Play Party.

    I am NOT Seeking, and Will NOT agree to enter into a Monogamous Relationship.

    Communication is Essential and Honesty is Always Appreciated!!!

    --So is Good Hygiene!! I will Appreciate and Adore YOUR Cock So Very Much more without the possibility of coughing up a hairball...

    lastly... I am entirely Unable to participate in anal sex. For me, it is a medical necessity and as such a non-negotiable point...

    So... Let me know what YOU have in mind and we can try to make it work!! Talk to you Soon!!

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    I am ALL about Sharing This Most Amazing LOVE ENERGY with as many people as possible!! I Believe that WE ALL are able to LOVE and THRIVE Best when we are able to Explore Each Others' Bodies and Minds Fully and Freely!! I LOVE to Touch, Taste and Tantalize and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bringing Pleasure to my Partner(s)!! Please let me know what TURNS YOU ON!!!

    P E A C E !!
    and... Please Remember to Share the
    Love, Love, LOVE!!!